FREE Senior Housing Placement

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Everyone knows recognizing that our loved ones are aging can be difficult.  Identifying that everyday lifestyle changes need to be made and having to make decisions for our loved one’s long term care plan can be even more stressful and in many ways.

Senior Generations works closely with families through this placement process.  These services are FREE to you and your loved ones:

button Initial over the phone/email referral
button Face-to-Face meeting with your loved one in their current home environment to conduct a thorough Psychosocial Assessment
button Completion of  a Treatment Plan of Care
button Visiting of facilities that are determined to best meet the needs and wishes of your loved one.
button Decision making and follow up Care Management


Jan works closely with the patient and their loved ones in completing a thorough Psychosocial Assessment. Getting a clear understanding of where the patient is at physically, cognitively and emotionally allows for the most concise Treatment Plan of Care to be developed for the patient. Of course, this is combined with the patient’s wishes and desires for their plan of care. This formula of patient wishes and needs allows for Jan to determine the best placement options for your loved ones.

Because Jan is specifically educational trained with her Master’s of Science in Gerontology, in addition to her Master’s of Social Work degree, she not only has the 10+ years of experience in this work, she also has the Geriatric training to understand and work with older adults. Also, as a registered Geriatric Care Manager ( , Jan is nationally recognized with her training and licensure as the professional most appropriate to be working with you and your loved one as you consider Placement.

Jan’s lengthy experience has allowed her to develop and maintain long term relationships with the local physicians, facilities, and geriatric providers, allowing for the most successful Continuity of Care. Jan not only works on the initial assessment and placement of individuals, she continues to follow them throughout the adjustment into their new living environment. 

Jan’s goal is to place the patient in the most ideal environment for their current health needs and for their potential future needs. Knowing how stressful a move can be for an older adult, Jan’s goal for a placement decision is for the individual to be able to “age in place”, without having to move again. 

Jan is passionate about her work, and will work tirelessly to find the perfect fit for everyone’s individual needs!