Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome all inquires.

When should I contact Senior Generations?

  • I need help assessing an older adult's safety in the living environment. I will need recommendations concerning the best course of action.

  • Caring for my loved one is very stressful and I need help from a professional.

  • I am considering alternative living arrangements for my loved one.

  • I need help with identifying community-based resources.

  • I need an advocate to help me communicate between our family members and the multiple physicians.

  • I need help from a professional to accurately assess and monitor my loved one's health status.

  • I am going through life changes due to: an acute crisis, a medical condition, grief/loss, or a transitional change.

  • I am increasingly concerned about a loved one's mental or physical abilities, along with their safety and security.

  • A loved one is having increasing crises including falls, accidents, and visits to the Emergency Room.

  • I am concerned about my loved one's Quality of Life.

If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions - Contact us